6 Considerations When Selecting Commercial Litter Bins

Many factors can contribute to litter bin selection, however these top 6 are important considerations that often rise to the top of everyone's list. Use this as your guide as you make determinations for your site collection needs. Lean on us if you need support. That's what we're here for.

Top 6 Considerations:

  1. Capacity
  2. Material of Construction
  3. Tamper Proof & Maintenance Friendly
  4. Customization
  5. Style
  6. Value

1. Capacity

Consider your collections needs. Does everything get collected together or is it required that collections be divided on site for waste/trash, recycling and organics/compost? Often times, when litter is being collected separately, customers will select all the same size litter bins for aesthetic reasons rather than choosing a slightly smaller litter bin for the organic/compost. As general rule, approximately 40% will be trash, 40% will be recycling and 20% will be organics. Sometimes, number or occupants, if applicable, and seasonal variations, will warrant an increased size. On occasion, a collection location may not have sufficient space for a larger litter bin and a smaller size may require more frequent attention. In our experience, approximately 32-gal is often the target where larger is also an attractive solution.

2. Material of Construction

Choose materials that are made to last and easy to maintain in high use commercial settings is critical. Preventing rust is accomplished by choosing a product that is either made of:

  • Galvanized Steel
  • Primed steel to prevent rust
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel 304 or 316

Material shall be sturdy and difficult to damage or degrade.
Scratch resistant powder coatings and anti-graffiti treatments offer further protection from showing wear and tear and contribute to easy cleaning.
The litter bin will need to have a heavy base or be fixed to the ground to prevent movement or tipping.

3. Tamper Proof & Maintenance Friendly

Securely locked to prevent tampering while easily accessible for those that manage the emptying will make a bin highly desirable to maintenance teams.

4. Customization

Making litter collections clear and easy to understand will be critical to the success of a project. Most sites will designate a collection for waste/trash, recycle and organics/compost. Popular ways to accomplish distinctions is contingent on the material being customized. Some examples are:

  • Serigraphy
  • Etching
  • Stickers
  • Paint
  • Tags
  • Plaques

5. Style and Function

Impacting the desired behavior of disposing litter where it belongs is better achieved when collection bins look good. Users take ownership of a place when they see an investment has been made to have collections solutions compliment the site or streetscape. Attractively offering solutions to local level requirements for things such as preventing rain water capture and space-saving solutions for those tight spots.

6. Value

A high quality litter bin that needs the selection criteria above that is made to order to your specification is anticipated to range on average between $2,000 - $3,000 each.

Here are a few great examples from our portfolio to meet the litter bin selection criteria:

BOX WOOD is stylish with its hardwood slat locking door and fixed panel that can be tailored to indicate each collection. Frame is made of powder coated galvanized steel. Anti-graffiti treatment is available upon request. Most popular size is 150 liter (approx. 40-gal) Budget $2,760 each.

Box Wood

PACK offers clean lines with smooth finish locking door and fixed panel suitable for the application of collection logos and lettering. Made of powder coated galvanized steel with 100 liter capacity (approx. 26-gal). Budget $1,791 each.

Pack Litter Bin

LOFTY RECEPTACLE is made of proprietary powder coated e-steele™ resisting corrosion no matter what waste they collect or environment they may be installed in. Capacity of 32-gal. which includes a square plastic liner. Featuring 1" X 6" board profiles (Ipe hardwood, recycled plastic or embossed recycled plastic) and a steel plate all welded frame. Budget $1,679 each.

Lofty Litter Bin

FRAME ENCLOSURE is one of the most flexible ranges with options for single and dual collection. Largest capacity is 240 liter (approx. 63-gal). Hide away and protect wheelie bins with ease behind a locked door panel. Standard and tailored signage option to identify collections. Pricing varies based on materials and design. Budget $2,400 each for solid pattern panel, roof and frame in powder coated aluminum. Ask us about powder coated stainless steel options for harsh conditions.

Frame Enclosure

ESCOLA ENCLOSURE is a newer option with a compact footprint made in 100% stainless steel. Flat or angled roof. Largest capacity is 240 liter (approx. 63-gal). Hide away and protect wheelie bins with ease behind a locked door panel. Standard and tailored signage option to identify collections. Budget $2925 each for powder coated stainless steel 304. Also available in powder coated stainless steel 316, budget $3,800 each.

Escola Enclosure

Another trending solution that is gaining popularity is SmartSensors to alert when trash capacity is near full for prompt attention as featured in the Escola eBin enclosure. Leveraging maintenance resources to tend to only those locations that need attention. This technology also allows for insights as to where litter bins are most needed and where they may not be as effective. This detection device also reports fire as an added benefit.

Escola eBin

Contact us for recommendations. We have standard and tailored solutions to fit all your collection needs.