7 Design Wins for Cast Metal Tree Grates

Much conversation surrounds the material of choice to address an open tree well. There are many factors that influence what is best for a particular site, however cast metal tree grates forged from scrap metal consistently please us as they meet or exceed even the most challenging of circumstances. In an age where it is becoming increasingly important to preserve our natural resources, the casting industry will be recognized as an active participant in the environmental movement.

Standard Design.jpg

1) Unmatched Standard Design Options

The inclusion of alluring ornamental design elements is highly desirable to meet client aesthetic expectations within the built environment. Cast metal tree grates in particular make an excellent choice with a wide range of artistically distinct standard designs, many thoughtful design options, in a variety of materials.

Custom Photo.jpg

2) Site Specific Flexibility and Custom Designs

Flexibility in final measures and/or radius as well as tailored designs to satisfy those seeking something special. Aesthetic appeal is critical to the success of any project. When choosing cast metal it opens up many possibilities for tailor made designs such as the inclusion of a logo to really define the place. Unique molds are surprisingly affordable. Our knowledgeable staff can help you navigate ideas and realize your vision.

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3) Increased Use Area

Cast metal tree grates make it possible to use all sides of the tree well that, if left open, would leave an unusable area creating a safety hazard. Making the area around a tree usable capitalizes on the use space making it clear and safe for pedestrians and opens it up for seating in a public place. Without them, people are forced to avoid the area around the tree and risk entering adjacent areas such as roadways that can be dangerous. The increased pedestrian traffic flow gained by using cast metal tree grate is important to note when designing for the safety of the pedestrian and the tree.

Tree Safety.jpg

4) Improved Tree Survival

Cast metal tree grates are the perfect tool for improving the survival of trees in the build environment. This means many things such as: providing adequate root room, adequate space for the tree trunk with expandable tree openings (field adjusted with predesigned knock-out’s), increased air flow, drainage, durable protection to the root system by eliminating soil compaction and safeguarding trees from pedestrian traffic as well as other activities that may occur near or around the tree well.

Ped Safety.jpg

5) Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian safety when designing for public use areas can be accomplished by the inclusion of cast metal tree grates to protect pedestrians from the trip hazard that an open tree well poses. Additionally, they provide an even walking surface, offer ADA compliant designs as well as slip resistant materials. Contact us for recommendation, we’re happy to help.


6) Maintenance

Maintenance is a hot topic. A solution that is 100% maintenance free is unrealistic. Those that have a suitable maintenance plan realize the reward of a thriving streetscape where the initial investment realizes full value. Those who don’t maintain and/or address vandalism, missing or broken sections, make it appear as if the product failed when in fact it’s neglect.


7) Durability

When it comes to durability, cast metal tree grates can meet site requirements for pedestrian rated, vehicular rated and heavy duty rated. We believe that a metal’s ability to develop a natural corrosion resistant patina is part of its innate strength and beauty. As such, we only offer metals which are 100% suited for outdoor use without a finish, and ship all of our product raw, as a standard, allowing natural weathering to produce a unique and maintenance free finish, once the product has been installed.

The cast metal tree grates that we proudly represent are supplied by Urban Accessories. They are competitively priced with industry acceptable lead times for delivering made to order architectural elements with the quality and durability that our local market expects.

We invite you to explore Urban Accessories tree grates for your next project. In addition, they have a wide range of cast architectural elements that pair well with the tree grates and offer solutions to other site-specific needs. We offer formal presentations to the architectural and design community. Please reach out if you’d like to organize a meeting.