Fall Brilliance: Elevate Outdoor Landscapes with Spruce & Gander's Land and Architectural Elements

As the vibrant colors of fall burst forth throughout our outdoor surroundings, we both welcome and embrace the season through unique design elements reflective of the landscape. As you plan for your next project, consider the carefully curated products below to help blend land and architecture elements seamlessly with the evolving beauty of nature.

Seating & Gathering

Embrace the warmth of autumn with the Linea platform. These versatile curved benches have an optional ‘hill’ that can be used as a backrest, small table, a perch, or an interactive element for kids to play on. The vibrant hue embodies the changing colors of the leaves.

Hardwood fused with Corten steel in the Pic Bull Picnic table and bench mirrors the marriage of nature's richness and urban sophistication, aligning perfectly with the season. Made using a mix of hardwood and Corten steel, this standout set provides the perfect spot to sit and enjoy the beautiful fall surroundings.

Mossy hues found in the Linea seating and bench, shown here in Eucalyptus, complement the natural fall ambiance. The sleek and minimalist stainless-steel frame of this piece adds a cooler fall hue helping to blend any landscape.

Distinctly designed Thomas Steele’s Vilas lounge and side table enhances any site. These beautiful, long-lasting and functional urban furnishings provide the perfect crimson autumnal accent that pays homage to nature.

Architectural Elements

The Corten steel elements of the Fuente R water bottle filler capture an autumnal essence, effortlessly blending this piece with the changing colors of the environment.

Hart Concrete fire pits add visual interest and warmth, transforming your outdoor space into a cozy autumn haven.

Deco Corten planters provide a landscape accent that allows the easy incorporation of fall colors, creating an inviting atmosphere for outdoor spaces.

We have an exciting new addition to our bike storage collection. The circular form of the Crease bike rack pays homage to the wheels used in this mode of transportation. This piece combines form and function in a design that fully embodies the aesthetic of a fall landscape. The soft curves of this piece and the powder coat finish in stone deliver a bike storage solution that blends beautifully with the surroundings.

The Yes litter bin in Corten steel adds an industrial yet organic touch, symbolizing the transition of seasons as nature evolves. If selected as an option, the Ipe wood side doors, are a bold juxtaposition of the balance of nature and industry.

If you're looking to infuse elements of fall into your projects, we invite you to explore our comprehensive range of offerings. Our thoughtfully curated portfolio partnered with our concierge services will help as you create remarkable landscapes, perfect for any time of year.