Hart Concrete Design

We are proud to announce our partnership with Hart Concrete Design. This value-driven company amplifies our mission to support the design and architectural community with high-quality concrete products while taking pride in authentic and ethical work. Spruce & Gander will now represent this group of skilled artisans led by Kyle Hart, who design and create every piece of concrete 100% by hand, adding a specific value to each product.

The sleek lines of HCD's products, including fire pits, ping pong tables, planters, benches, and architectural elements, bring a clean, modern feel to any space.

Select products that seamlessly blend the indoors with the outdoors from HCD, an eco-friendly company that consistently pursues a green approach from the shop design to the material selection.

Are you looking for something special? Working with HCD to realize custom designs is another one of the many resources available to you through Spruce & Gander.