Urban Accessories: Where Sustainability Meets Craftsmanship

In our pursuit to recognize and celebrate companies committed to sustainable practices, we are excited to launch our Sustainability Spotlight Series. This quarter, Urban Accessories takes the spotlight as the first site furnishing manufacturer of the year to be featured.

As a leader in decorative grating since 1972, Urban Accessories has seamlessly integrated uncompromising design, craftsmanship, and sustainability into their identity. For them, viability is not merely a trend but inherently infused in their company DNA. Their commitment to green materials enables the work of Landscape Architects who are looking to incorporate sustainable and functional elements into their projects.

Urban Accessories takes pride in using 100% post-consumer recycled materials in their manufacturing processes, materials that are sourced within a 50-mile radius of their facilities in Tacoma, WA. All of the wood they use, including thermally modified ash, is sourced domestically, and not from tropical hardwoods which helps to preserve our forests. Staying within this radius significantly mitigates their carbon footprint.

Behind the scenes at the Urban Accessories foundry in Tacoma, Washington.

Behind the scenes at the Urban Accessories foundry in Tacoma, Washington.

Crease Bike Rack

The Crease Bike Rack pays homage to the wheels used in this mode of transportation. Made with recycled cast metal, this bike rack is durable and will last on site for many years, adding to the environmental consciousness of this design.

Bay Seating

The Urban Accessories Bay Bench is an excellent example of sustainably designed site furnishings. A classic design, the Bay Bench features cast-metal legs made from 100% post-consumer recycled metal. The inviting seat is made of thermally modified ash. All the wood Urban Accessories uses is domestically sourced and is not from tropical hardwoods, helping to preserve our forests.

Another exciting offering is Richlite, a material in which layers of high-quality engineered paper are infused with thermosetting resin before they are cut to length and laid up by hand. Richlite sources all of the resin used in the making of this street bench within 200 miles of their facilities in Tacoma, WA.

From there each sheet is carefully stacked, alternating the direction of the paper for ultimate balance and stability. The stacks are pressed under heat and pressure, which bonds the layers of paper together and cures the product. The panels are then slowly cooled to produce a solid and stable sheet material, making this a truly sustainable product.

Surprise details such as unique circular armrests and contrasting hardware elevate this piece from the standard park bench to a high-end, radial bench seating option.

Truncated Domes

A highly durable and attractive solution for projects requiring ADA and CBC-compliant detectable warning plates, Urban Accessories’ cast-metal Truncated Domes are fully customizable to allow for curved installations and minimized seams. Made using recycled break rudders and drums from locally sourced recycled vehicles, and then going through the cast process, they deliver on a greener market option. The material and proprietary finish options, such as their rust conditioner are exclusive to Urban Accessories, making them the singular source for this treatment.

For Landscape Architects seeking sustainable site materials that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality, Urban Accessories remains the ultimate choice. Their hand-crafted site furnishings, grating and foundry work stand the test of time and contribute to a more sustainable and visually captivating spaces and places.

Stay tuned for more sustainability spotlights as we continue to explore and celebrate our valued manufacturers making a positive environmental impact.