Wood Without Worry

Aluminum woodgrain, also known as ‘Wood Without Worry,’ provides the warm look of timber – retained over time – with the minimal maintenance requirements of powder-coated aluminum.

Where timber requires oiling every three months to keep it at its best, simply wipe down woodgrain aluminum with a clean, damp cloth every few months as needed.

Wood Without Worry
Wood Without Worry Brochure

Wood Without Worry Brochure


Select from five beautiful shades of wood: dark to light and cool to warm.

Wood Without Worry
Available shades: 1. Bush Cherry, 2. Wenge, 3. Spotted Gum, 4. Beach Oak Grey, 5. Curly Birch

Some Wood Without Worry battens requires end caps. If this is the case, you may choose to match the end cap with the color of the frame or batten.

Wood Without Worry
Wood Without Worry End Cap Options

Frequently asked questions

What is Wood Without Worry?

Wood Without Worry refers to aluminum woodgrain battens that offer a premium timber look with minimal maintenance. Compared to timber, aluminum woodgrain is stronger, more durable, fade-resistant, and only requires the occasional soapy water washdown.

How is it made?

Wood Without Worry uses a sublimation process, which embeds high-res imagery of a timber species into the powder coat, which is then baked onto the aluminum. Each batten is then coated with a super durable matte powder for further weathering, salt, and humidity resistance.

What about graffiti and scratching?

Wood Without Worry is an anti-graffiti coating, which means surface scratches can be polished out, and marker pen can be removed with a suitable cleaner. Deeper scratches can be remedied using color-matched touch-up paint. Spare battens are also readily available direct from the factory.

Does Wood Without Worry get hot?

On the contrary, Wood Without Worry battens, except Wenge, are cooler than the surrounding temperature in the summer months. Therefore, it is the ideal batten choice for hot summers and locations where the urban heat effect is a concern.

What products offer Wood Without Worry?

Wood Without Worry is available for all Street Furniture Australia products that offer battens. These include seats, benches, tables, bins, and planters.