CEU by Urban Accessories

Metal Amenities, Sustainability, and ADA Compliance

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Urban Accessories Continuing Education (CEU) presentation is designed for landscape architects who seek to deepen their understanding of the casting process and its applications in landscape design. The presentation provides a comprehensive overview of materials and finishes, focusing on practical and sustainable specification choices.

Key features of the presentation include:

  • An exploration of the casting process, detailing how different materials are used and the environmental implications of these choices.
  • A discussion on the properties of common materials such as iron and ductile iron, including their lifecycle and suitability for different environmental conditions.
  • Insight into finishes and their impact on both aesthetics and longevity, emphasizing options that contribute to sustainability.
  • Guidelines on material specification tailored to landscape architecture, including how to select materials based on site-specific conditions and design objectives.
  • An overview of customizable features that enhance functionality and design, such as tree grate options that accommodate growth and accessibility requirements.

The presentation aims to equip landscape architects with the knowledge to make informed decisions that balance aesthetic desires with environmental stewardship and practical functionality.

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