A time to gather and give thanks

We see a wonderful trend resurfacing to promote community with communal tables. Have you ever noticed that people are more likely to sit with strangers at a communal table? Without much thought at all, it brings people together and still offers safe distancing. We have standard and tailored solutions for you. Here are a couple of new designs that we'd like to debut:

Street Furniture Australia just released Aria Long Communal Table. This table measures a little over 16 feet long to support one sizeable social group or multiple small groups to meet and connect outdoors.

ADA accessibility can be included upon request.

Thomas Steele released the Brynwood Table with the most extended standard length at 10 feet.

In addition, Thomas Steele also released the Jena table offered at a 10-foot length.

We are your partner to help build sustainable places where people can gather in person and elevate human connection. We have curated a portfolio of products to satisfy a wide range of design needs at various price points. Contact us today; we'd be happy to discuss your project. Formal presentations are always available upon request. Let's meet!