Thomas Steele

In 2000, Thomas Steele was formed by Graber Manufacturing, Inc. and since then, their craftsmen have been creating site furnishings that stand out for their stylish designs, broad palettes of color, and exceptional handcrafted quality.

Their distinct designs are shaped, welded, assembled, and finished not along an assembly line, but one at a time by our skilled craftsmen. We have assisted many architects and engineers, facility owners and managers, schools and universities, municipalities and members of the general services administration in finding the best possible site furnishings that fit their needs or their client's requirements.

If you are seeking functional, beautiful, and long-lasting site furnishings, choose Thomas Steele, site furnishings designed and handcrafted for a lifetime.

This supplier provides benches, tables, stools, trash receptacles, bike racks and bike storage to name a few.

Thomas Steele photos