Behind the Design: Urban Accessories

Urban Accessories products and foundry was established in 1972. They offer made to order standard and site-specific architectural casted elements using recycled metals.

How often do you sketch a site-specific solution that you later find you cannot realize? In our experience, we hear this often and we’d like to share some successes we’ve realized with Urban Accessories. They just might be the unsuspecting key to realizing your vision using cast metal. They utilize materials such as cast grey iron, cast rust conditioned iron, cast aluminum, cast silicon bronze, and cast nickel bronze. We’ve even achieved great designs that also incorporate plate steel in combination with cast all while paying close attention to co-efficient of friction…something we leave to the experts at Urban Accessories to evaluate. The process is simple, and the outcomes are grand.

Imaging the possibilities. Here’s a couple of our favorites applications that fall outside of the traditional foundry type products such as tree grates and trench grates. The Rotary International plaque pictured below is impressive in size, crafted out of brass with a polished finish.

We’re especially fond of the bike racks and benches that are as unique as the site they call home on this Yerba Buena project by CMG Landscape Architecture in San Francisco, CA.

Make big and lasting impressions. The opportunity to develop something special is more tangible than you may think.

The late Merry Haggard, Urban Accessories Co-founder shared words that are as true today as when she originally wrote them.

“Dedication to casting as an art form is what sets Urban Accessories apart from the average utility foundry. The transformation of scrap metals into beautiful, functional, and aesthetically precise objects of art is what "metalmorphosis" is all about. As the molten metal pours out of the ladle and into the mold, it begins the process of becoming its new form. As the metal cools the metalmorphosis is complete. In an age where it is becoming increasingly important to preserve our natural resources, the casting industry will be recognized as an active participant in the environmental movement.”

Explore Urban Accessories photos to find inspiration.

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