How to Bring the Water Cooler Effect Outside

A water cooler effect is a phenomenon, occurring when employees at a workplace gather around the office water cooler and chat. It is a synonym for gathering and connecting people in a certain environment (e.g. the office). -Wikipedia

Let’s take this phenomenon outside.


We’re all about bringing people together and creating social environments that work. It’s an even bigger win when that solution also solves a problem such as the reduction of plastic water bottle waste on sites, for example a campus. Give people the opportunity to stay hydrated and witness how the water cooler effect unfolds outside. This effect is a proven provider of social cohesion.

We can help impact your next project with the high design of our Fuente water bottle filling stations available in powder coated steel, corten steel or stainless steel. The handsome nickel-plated brass tap that features a push button with a spring return that after compression returns to a closed position.


Choose from Fuente C (round), Fuente E (elliptic) or Fuente R (rectangle). Product includes a stainless-steel ADA compliant grate.


Join the increasing number of sites that have made the sustainable choice to offer water bottle filling stations for waste reduction and convenience. Choose Fuente for an optimal design that offers functionality with style.

We invite you to contact our knowledgeable staff for solutions on your next project. We offer formal presentations to the architectural and design community. Please reach out if you’d like to organize a meeting.