What Makes Your Soul Happy?

One of my favorite ways to fuel my soul is by surrounding myself with beautiful things - especially those positioned in and/or inspired by nature.

My passion is rooted in the creation of places that you will not only love but will want to stay in for a while. Although my path did not lead me to be a designer, my cup is full of wonderful relationships I’ve developed by being involved with the architectural and design community over the years. It is a privilege to be surrounded by such talent. I find joy in supporting your vision through the portfolio of products my husband and I have personally vetted so you don’t have to.

Our business model has allowed us the unique opportunity to be choosy. This makes me happy. Our experience is evident in everything we do as a company. We are always learning and growing so that you can have confidence that the procurement process will be easy and predictable without error. Shopping within our portfolio means quality, availability, and exceptional service. Because one single manufacturer can’t do it all, we currently have five who together really deliver. For improved clarity, we’ve launched a new web tool where all of the products we represent are in one location with silly simple navigation. I’m glad you’re here and want to invite you to pursue our photos for inspiration (my personal favorite). Here you can find some fantastic images with clear paths to standard product downloads and support. Filter for custom to reveal personalized products by material and brand. Lean on us to connect you with the right resource to fulfill your ideas.

I am particularly fond of and appreciate your feedback. If you have ideas that could strengthen our service, I’m all ears. If there is something we don’t have in our portfolio that you’d like to see added, let me know and I’ll look into it. If you see an opportunity to improve our web tool, please shoot me your comments and if it makes sense, we’ll do it!

Thank you for your partnership and rest easy knowing that we will continue to defend your selections. When necessary, and because we have more than one resource, we can oftentimes make recommendations for budget restraints, timing, as well as site-specific tailoring. We have everything from high design Italian made products to locally sourced US-made products to fit a variety of project needs. If faced with value engineering efforts, it is our goal to find alternatives within our resources without sacrificing your design intent.

My team and I look forward to our next encounter. We offer in-person meetings and hosted presentations. We welcome the idea to gather in your space of work or ours.


Suzanne Anderson, CEO

Spruce & Gander, Inc.