Albany Litter Bin

Thomas Steele

The Albany litter receptacles will add a modern touch to any outdoor space with form and function. These litter receptacles from Thomas Steele feature the highest quality materials and construction that allows the trash receptacles to maintain their beauty and function for years by resisting corrosion, no matter what waste they collect or location they are put in. Litter receptacles are constructed with the following materials: Top Lid: 14 gauge steel; Frame: square 11 gauge steel tubing and laser-cut steel panels. Laser-cut panels are available in 3 different designs: Descending Squares, State Street, or Reeds. Lid options are either a flat hinged square lid or a covered hinged square lid and the size is 32 gallons. Albany trash receptacles are crafted with the e-Steele finish and come in 16 standard colors.

Powder Coated Steel
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